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Welcome, oh most noble lords and ladies of Trimaris and beyond,


This is to be a blog charting my journey in the SCA. For those of you who do not know the SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group “dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe” (

The structure of the blog will be simple. Every event, meeting, or other such happening I attend in the SCA will have both a report post in standard form along with a post describing the events in the words of my persona Marcus MacDougallsson (name is a WIP.) The text will be acompanied by pictures if possible.

Longer events will have longer reports, and so on, possibly written over a period of days after the event. This is going to happen with today’s posts, as I have other work requiring my attention.

I will start however with the basics.

A week and a half ago I was in the local starbucks, and began to converse with a gentleman I had seen there on occasion. He spoke with me about the SCA, explained what it was, and told me there was a fighter practice coming up on Sunday. I went to said practice and was both enthralled and galvanized to get involved. Eventually I learned that the gentleman (whose real life identity, as of those others mentioned forthwith, will remain nameless unless necessary) was called by the name of Maredudd within the society and that he held the title of Baron, among others.

Over the intervening week that has passed I have done a goodly amount of research into armor making as well as designs for heraldry and standard garb. I have been helped in these endeavors both by Maredudd (in person and in email), as well as other SCAdians via the internet. The heavy combat I witnessed at the fighter practice looks like an extremely fun activity and I can’t wait to get some armor of my own to try it out.

Combat is not the only activity in the SCA however. AS earlier stated, sewing garb is an important activity, as well as other more specialized fields such as smithing, brewing (Master Maredudd is a brewer) and even period-specific dancing. I am interested in several of the fields practiced by the SCA, but as my historical focus is on military matters there will be more talk of that over the course of the blog.

For instance I have been actively searching for someone to sew a surcoat and other garb for me (on commission of course.) M’lord Hienrich, another fighter in the local shire (starhaven) has offered to assist me in making leather armor, and Syr Geoffrey will open his metal workshop on occasion.

Today has been one of knowledge though. I began to organize a thrift store raid with the local group so as to learn what to look for when shopping at such venues, and then I visited Baron Maredudd who helped me on serveral important points of contention with the SCA : Heraldry, persona naming, and basic garb. The good Baron graciously gifted me with a brown leather belt to help me on my way towards getting a full garb outfit for events and meetings. He has my thanks.

Personally, I can’t wait to attend more meetings and events.  the SCA looks so fun and rewarding in so many ways.

Keep watch my fellow SCAdians, there will be more to follow. My first “in persona” blog post should be on its way shortly.





    • Sebhdann ingen Cinaedha
    • Posted March 11, 2012 at 2:13 am
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    Greetings and Welcome!

    I linked to your blog via the SCA Newcomers loop — I’ve been in the SCA since Aug ’07 but still like to follow the loop to see what new folks are asking and saying.

    Good luck with your persona crafting and garb/kit building — but don’t get wrapped around the authenticity axle in the early stages. Period-esque is definitely okay for newbies. Heck my persona is a late 7th century woman of Pictish and Dal Riadan lineage but I still wear my first garb which is10th c. Anglo-Saxon garb and Viking apron dress. I keep telling myself one of these days when I have the time I’m going research what is appropriate and then with a friends help, get to sewing.

    Enjoy your time in the SCA and all its myriad wonders!


    Sebhdann ingen Cinaedha
    Shire of Wyewood, An Tir
    Clan Carn

    *mka Sue V.*

  1. Hi Marcus,
    Welcome to the SCA, your in it for life now don’t you know ;).
    If you need any help with heraldry(including your name) feel free to contact me.
    William Castille
    Bacchus Wood

  2. btw, Mark MakDougal is an easily documentable early 13th century English name 🙂

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