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….ok maybe not that severe, but hey, one has to try to rhyme, doesn’t he?


Welcome once again m’lords and ladies,

As the title suggests I have been researching and pricing armor in an attempt to make an informed decision on what to do in regards to a starting set of armor for heavy combat. This is a work in progress because the next time I’m going to see my local fellows (and consequently garner their thoughts) is next Saturday.

First of all, I put up an ad stating my interest in starter pieces on the Armor Archive forums. For those of you who don’t know Armor Archive is a wonderful site housing a gracious amount of information on armor, from making it, to patterns, to even historical documentation.

I recieved a good amount of hits, along with some corresponding messages. the prices were generally around a thousand to two thousand USD.

As an unemployed college student, you can see that as way out of the window.

However, several of these armorer’s were happy to give me advice. one of these goes by the name Draven, the other would be Frank from Viking leather (

On the lighter side, I was contacted by someone out of the SCA garb yahoo group about commissioning her to sew some pieces. She has not replied yet, but she seemed willing to work with me. again, a work in progress.

After reviewing the options, the plan now is to wait, talk to my locals, and take it from there.

As far as the promised “in-persona” blog post I have not forgotten, but have been busy and will get it written as soon as I have more time. Steve Maynard (who commented on my last post) has been helping me iron out the kinks in my heraldry and name. The proposed change (concerning the name) is to change it to Marc Makdougall instead of Marcus MacDougallsson.

One of the reasons (which i did not know before) is that Mac in McDougall already means “son of” and so MacDougallsson would be redundant. I wanted to keep a semblance of my mundane last name (McDougall) simply because I think it rolls better with Marc or Marcus in the previous case.

I will keep everyone abreast of the armor predicament as it develops.






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