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To any who may after read this,

I commit this journal for betterment of those who would follow in my steps.

Not four days past I attended a party hosted by that good Baron, Maredudd, who had found me upon the sands and offered his help. I arrived dressed as I could, for I had not had the chance to acquire proper attire. I was greeted by the baron himself, who invited me inside. I was promptly set upon by a pack of dogs, apparently domesticated pets of both the baron and fellow attendee’s. They received much petting and laughter during the evening.

However, most of the evening was spent in discussion on both import as well as tales of battles old. I was happy to be educated rightly in pointers on where to procure the best fabrics for garb, and talks of aid in the coming weeks. Afterward the party gathered to hear Maredudd recount the heady tales of his day’s as court herald, and the wars fought by the kingdom against those neighboring fair Trimaris.

Throughout the evening there was much feasting, for most attendee’s had brought foodstuffs. I myself had (by some twist of fortune) been able to bake my family recipe for a sweet cookie, which where promptly devoured. Baron Maredudd had contributed both bread and a curious mixture of cheese and vegetables which turned out to be delicious.

I had learnt much from my fellow shire-dwellers, and prepared to learn more, for a rally for fighters was just across the dawn.

When I arrived at the practice field the next morrow a bundle of clothing was thrust into my arms. One of my fellow revelers (I am unsure on her SCA name atm) had sewn me some basic pieces so I at least had something after the tragedy that had befallen me. I thanked her profusely.

Gods curse that damnable storm! As it turns out, I have lost much of my skill with the sword, most likely caused by being thrown across the waves in that witch-brewed whirlwind of the sea. I have determined to relearn my lost art, and the shire’s fighting men do seem willing to help. This generosity has been extended to crafting proper armor, to which I have both acquired materials and been invited to an upcoming workshop for.

Ah, but that day of knowledge is yet to come, and I will cease my scribblings lest they wander too far.


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