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This day, the first of April (as the Trimarians name it) I write,


Nearly two week have gone by since my last scrivening. I have been busy in the intervening time, of which I will now make note. In addition to several noteworthy gatherings, I have also made progress in arranging my personal belongings and other assorted items.


Firstly, I mentioned a day of knowledge relating to the art of smithing armor in my last writings. This event took place, and Sir Geoffrey helped me to forge new knee and elbow protection. However, I have written an in-depth piece on the subject, which has been submitted to the shire’s resident chronicler for inclusion in the shire newsletter. (This curious item is copied and sent to each resident, and provides information and stories for upcoming and past events respectively, as well as tidings from the shire’s officials.) I would urge those who wish more information on the subject to seek out a copy of this newsletter for further reading. Suffice it to say I was taught how to forge basic protections.


While touring the countryside to avail myself of the terrain, I encountered a curious shoppe, which sold a variety of fabrics. Having been given advice for just such an occasion by m’lady the Baroness Chiere, I acquired six yards of good quilted fabric with which to sew a surcoat (of course, learning how to sew on such an item with the help of the good Baroness in the process.)


I was able to relay my acquisition of such material to the good Baroness, and her husband, quite soon. They invited me to a local cafe (Barnes and noble merritt island) to enjoy the evening and converse. Much merriment was to be had.


However, the period was not without it’s confusions. A courier sent by Sir Haroun about working on the rest of my harness was waylaid on his route, causing me to miss his message by a day and thus loose out on the opportunity where Sir Haroun’s schedule opened. Hopefully there will be another soon in the future.


Finally, there was yet another practice, this afternoon in fact. Although I was not able to stay for the full duration I was given valuable lessons in combat by Marshall Gavin, the authority in military affairs in the shire. Although these were basic concepts, I am Confident I can build upon them. Indeed learning is half the battle.


But that is enough, for sleep beckons me like a siren.


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