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Well….Maybe smack in the middle of Trimaris. However, since we are surrounded on three sides by water I’ll let that slide,

Welcome dear readers, to my latest post. Having recovered sufficiently from Spring Coronation (which I day tripped with a certain baronial personage) I figured it was high time I wrote something about it……

except I am. This is to be a shorter, more concise version of an article that will be published in the Vair Bell, Starhaven’s newsletter.

For my first ever kingdom level event, I enjoyed myself immensely. Unfortunately there was so much to see and do that I had to pick and choose because we were day-tripping. This small setback did not dampen my spirit, however. On the contrary, the chance to be in garb all day, and talk to people with historical interests similar to my own was wonderful.

We arrived on site around noon on Saturday, leaving the dragon-wagon parked safely in the roosts. From there we checked in with the registrar and paid our dues, and then the triumvirate of myself, Baron Maredudd, and Baroness Cherie split up. I accompanied the Baroness, who happily went shopping with me.

Oh, and then the fun began. But isn’t shopping always fun? I had a list of essentials that I needed to pick up, including feast gear and some tunics to expand my wardrobe. Of the former, and entire set excluding a mug was acquired, while the latter was a little harder to find. In fact, most of the garb for sale was in sizes to large or too small for me. Lacking pieces to buy, I commissioned one of the merchants for two sets (a t-tunic and and under-tunic) to lengths worked out by the merchant and the Baroness (who was very knowledgeable on the subject.)

After receiving a receipt for said commission, my eye caught upon a piece of headgear on one of the tables. It happened to be an off-white arming cap. The merchant, a lady who truly knew her garb, said I could have it for free. YAY!

Court was very interesting, however when the 1rst-event-goers like myself were called up, I profess I was a bit…under-armed with facts about how to act. I gave it my best shot though.

Her majesty the Queen welcomed us to Trimaris with a Brooch, which has made me put another item on my list. A tartan cloak.

So much for monetary funds, eh?

All in all, I can’t wait for the next event!


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