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Monthly Archives: May 2012

As you may have guessed by the title, today wasn’t amazing. I wasn’t able to finish my goal for today (painting) for three reasons:


1. I wasn’t able to paint. I had to go sign up for summer courses (condensed, start in june) and it took me two hours to get in to see an advisor about it. Then it turned out the classes I wanted were full. Naturaly I was furious about wasting my time, and after sitting at my desk for 3 hours writing (and answering emails, mental note not to do that till I calm down) some background for both my modeling projects and persona, i went for coffee to blow off the remaining steam.


2. Aforementioned coffee trip.


3. Missing (a CIA themed television series) was on. Then dinner, then more TV. By the time I had broken myself out of my comfy chair, It was 11:10, and now I’m writing this.


Tommorow will go better though, as I will be working on my armor at Sir Haroun’s residence.


Till next I set finger to key,




Hello there my good readers,


Much reviled for being the start of the mundane work week, monday was actually a good day (this time)


I was able to get a test model done for a new color scheme for some cavalry models. 

In addition, my tent came today! big 10 x 8, which is workable for the near future as it will be just me camping in it. I also heard that a twin sized air matress was on sale at walgreens, but was unable to find the time today. However nothing says I can’t swing by tommorow.


Short sweet and to the point, thats it for today my fellow scadians!


Until I next set finger to key,



Hello once again my fellows,


The week ahead is quite busy, and as such I wanted to let my readers know what I’m doing!

But first, I’d like to make something known. In addition to the SCA I have another hobby, painting fine scale miniatures. Most of the time these are science fiction and fantasy models, but I also do historical figures in a mix of periods. An example is below. Image


These are french napoleonics, but they are painted in a uniform for my imagi-nation. In addition to painting models there are tabletop games using them which I play.


Anyway, onto the week ahead!


Monday – cleanup of the house, reorganization of my closet giving me room to store my SCA related items

Tuesday – Paint models. work on top secret SCA related painting project. (well, top secret for the moment. i have to have something to keep you all coming back!)

Wednesday – I’m heading over to Sir Haroun’s to work on my armor. I previously purchased 200 feet of para-cord, and I’m hoping it will get me through at least 3 or 4 pieces, however I know I will need more for my torso protection. Speaking of my torso protection, if I am able to get a measurement I will be able to send word to the good lady I commissioned to sew my surcoat.

Thursday – As my persona is Scots-Norman, I will be furthering research into sources of Tartan fabric for articles of garb. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments please.

Friday – More painting, then on to shire night out later in the evening. We usually relax and hang out at a Barnes and Noble which has had more of my money of late due to interesting books on history.

Saturday – nothing planned, but I will post if something comes up.

Sunday – 3rd sunday fighter practice. Always fun.


I am endeavoring to post once daily this week, to see if I can get into a rhythm and keep this blog flowing. Some of the posts will be non-SCA related, which will have the tag [NSCA] in the title so you can filter your reading material!

After this week is over, we move on to the tumult of pre-TmT packing. I am looking forward to the event however, as it will be my first time camping the entire event!

Yours in service to that most noble of dreams,



Hello once again fellow SCAdians,


I write to you now at the turn of a late hour while exhausted, but still able to type.

TmT, otherwise known as the Trimarian Memorial Tournament, is only 2 weeks or so away. This will be my first full weekend event, having only gone to coronation as a day trip. In addition to picking up my commissioned garb, I will be shadowing my chronicler-superior, lady Eithne, to learn  how a chronicler should operate at a kingdom level event.


Being as I am staying the full weekend, I will be camping. This leads into the next piece of news I have, which is that I have a tent! I will be camping in a regrettably modern tent, a 10 x 8 dome, which I snagged from walmart on a reduced price of $60 USD. In this tent I will have myself, my bag of clothes and garb, my feast gear ( I will be attempting to go to feast at least once) and a pile of notebooks.

I am quite looking foward to this event, and as it draws nearer and more things fall into place, I shall post again with an update.


Until then I leave you in service,