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Hello once again fellow SCAdians,


I write to you now at the turn of a late hour while exhausted, but still able to type.

TmT, otherwise known as the Trimarian Memorial Tournament, is only 2 weeks or so away. This will be my first full weekend event, having only gone to coronation as a day trip. In addition to picking up my commissioned garb, I will be shadowing my chronicler-superior, lady Eithne, to learn  how a chronicler should operate at a kingdom level event.


Being as I am staying the full weekend, I will be camping. This leads into the next piece of news I have, which is that I have a tent! I will be camping in a regrettably modern tent, a 10 x 8 dome, which I snagged from walmart on a reduced price of $60 USD. In this tent I will have myself, my bag of clothes and garb, my feast gear ( I will be attempting to go to feast at least once) and a pile of notebooks.

I am quite looking foward to this event, and as it draws nearer and more things fall into place, I shall post again with an update.


Until then I leave you in service,




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