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Hello once again my fellows,


The week ahead is quite busy, and as such I wanted to let my readers know what I’m doing!

But first, I’d like to make something known. In addition to the SCA I have another hobby, painting fine scale miniatures. Most of the time these are science fiction and fantasy models, but I also do historical figures in a mix of periods. An example is below. Image


These are french napoleonics, but they are painted in a uniform for my imagi-nation. In addition to painting models there are tabletop games using them which I play.


Anyway, onto the week ahead!


Monday – cleanup of the house, reorganization of my closet giving me room to store my SCA related items

Tuesday – Paint models. work on top secret SCA related painting project. (well, top secret for the moment. i have to have something to keep you all coming back!)

Wednesday – I’m heading over to Sir Haroun’s to work on my armor. I previously purchased 200 feet of para-cord, and I’m hoping it will get me through at least 3 or 4 pieces, however I know I will need more for my torso protection. Speaking of my torso protection, if I am able to get a measurement I will be able to send word to the good lady I commissioned to sew my surcoat.

Thursday – As my persona is Scots-Norman, I will be furthering research into sources of Tartan fabric for articles of garb. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments please.

Friday – More painting, then on to shire night out later in the evening. We usually relax and hang out at a Barnes and Noble which has had more of my money of late due to interesting books on history.

Saturday – nothing planned, but I will post if something comes up.

Sunday – 3rd sunday fighter practice. Always fun.


I am endeavoring to post once daily this week, to see if I can get into a rhythm and keep this blog flowing. Some of the posts will be non-SCA related, which will have the tag [NSCA] in the title so you can filter your reading material!

After this week is over, we move on to the tumult of pre-TmT packing. I am looking forward to the event however, as it will be my first time camping the entire event!

Yours in service to that most noble of dreams,




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