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As you may have guessed by the title, today wasn’t amazing. I wasn’t able to finish my goal for today (painting) for three reasons:


1. I wasn’t able to paint. I had to go sign up for summer courses (condensed, start in june) and it took me two hours to get in to see an advisor about it. Then it turned out the classes I wanted were full. Naturaly I was furious about wasting my time, and after sitting at my desk for 3 hours writing (and answering emails, mental note not to do that till I calm down) some background for both my modeling projects and persona, i went for coffee to blow off the remaining steam.


2. Aforementioned coffee trip.


3. Missing (a CIA themed television series) was on. Then dinner, then more TV. By the time I had broken myself out of my comfy chair, It was 11:10, and now I’m writing this.


Tommorow will go better though, as I will be working on my armor at Sir Haroun’s residence.


Till next I set finger to key,




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